I had the pleasure last night go to one of the oldest fast food restaurants in Livingston -  Mark's In n Out. This place has been open for over 60 years. It's only open during the summer, and the prices are incredibly low.

I was in Livingston coaching a Babe Ruth baseball team and we were playing Livingston, and afterwards everyone said they were going to Mark's for food, and I had never been. When I pulled up to Mark's In & Out, it instantly reminded me of two places: Dick's Drive In in Seattle and Gem In & Out in my old college town Caldwell, Idaho. Both of these places are staples of each town, but Mark's is different because it's been open longer and only during the summertime.

Their menu is extremely inexpensive. I got just the beef burger and it was just $1.59 and had possibly the best milkshake I have ever had. Nothing on the menu is expensive and you get a ton of food. It's an absolute steal for everything you get and how delicious it is.

I highly recommend you check out Mark's In & Out before the summer is over. It's worth a trip over to Livingston.


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