Edible medicinal plants are everywhere. There is an abundant, free sustainable source of plants for healing at your fingertips. If you would like to learn more, join Herb and Plant Medicine Specialist, Bev Axelsen this Saturday, October 10 on a Medicinal Plant Walk along the Deep Creek Trailhead in Livingston.

Medicinal Plant Walk - Deep Creek Trailhead - Saturday, October 10  from 9 am - noon

You will identify 10 – 20 wild medicinal plants growing in the proximity of the Deep Creek trailhead (some hiking required). The purpose of the class will be identification of plants; followed by observation and study of their cycles of growth, medicinal qualities, flowering, seed production and moving into dormancy. Cost is $20 per person. Register by calling 406-222-9999 or online at paradisepermaculture.org.