At my house, we are huge fans of soccer phenom Megan Rapinoe, so when we found out she was here in Missoula, we nearly fell off the couch. I checked in with our news partners at NBC Montana, and sure enough, they confirmed that the Seattle Reign quietly came to Missoula to train at the University of Montana.

The National Women's Soccer League had asked teams to quarantine in Salt Lake City during lockdown times, and with restrictions being lifted around the country, the OL Reign wondered if it might be possible to visit our beautiful state for some training. Of course the U of M welcomed Megan Rapinoe, Allie Long and their team with open arms, and our own U of M soccer coaching staff has been out there watching them practice.

The Reign will be in Missoula training though the end of June, you can read the full article from NBC Montana here. If we don't run into Megan out and about, maybe she'll show up at one of the protests, she is an outspoken social warrior, after all. All kidding aside, protests in the name of George Floyd continue at the Missoula Courthouse daily, if you can't join us there, maybe you can ride with the bike caravan down Higgins to the Courthouse on Friday. Have a peaceful day and Ms. Rapinoe, if you're reading this, let's do some radio!

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