There are over 37,000 small businesses in Montana and given the current COVID-19 pandemic, they need us more than ever. What can you do?

According to, Montana has the 2nd most small businesses per capita in the country. (Small metros). Bozeman was at THE TOP of the Small Metros list!

As Montana opens back up from the COVID-19 closures, it's interesting to get a snapshot of JUST HOW MANY small businesses we have. Many of which have been required to closed for many weeks.

As you get more comfortable engaging back into whatever the new normal is for YOU, consider how you spend your hard earned dollars more than ever. Your neighbors and local business owners need us.

  • Montana Small businesses per 100 residents: 3.49
  • Number of small businesses in Montana: 37,038
  • Number of retail, accommodation and food service small businesses: 8,319
  • Share of Montana workers that are self-employed: 14.6%
  • Montana Population: 1,062,305

Montana had 4 cities on the Top 15 cities (SMALL METROS) with the most small businesses. Very interesting. (Kalispell, Missoula, Billings were also on the list.)

Getty Images/National Geographic


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