How do you pick your license plate?  Montana has hundreds of choices that have many meanings.  No matter what your beliefs, where you went to school, or the charities you support, there is a plate that is just for you.  Here are some choices.  Go to the DOJ website for all choices.  Images below are courtesy of this site.

Developmental Educational Assistance Program (DEAP)


This plate supports DEAP, a not-for-profit organization that supports people with autism and their families.  They cover help with diagnosis, public awareness and education.  There is a definite need and what a great plate.

Montana Concerns of Police Survivors


Choose this plate to help the survivors of Law Enforcement Officers who died in the line of duty.  What a great cause.  It is also a black plate.  Nice if you want to put on a new black or red automobile.

Montana State Bobcats or University of Montana Grizzlies


Purchase these plates and you support scholarships at your favorite University in Montana.  If you are an alum of either institution, it is a must to support these plates and show them with pride.  There are also plates for many of the high schools in Montana, boosters organizations, clubs, and colleges.

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Mule Deer Foundation


This plate supports the MDF.  They work to support wildlife management in Montana that results in a self-sustaining and healthy deer population.  If you are a deer hunter, this is the one for you.

Chicks n Chaps, Inc

Courtesy of DOJMT

Chicks n Chaps Inc is an organization that helps to provide funds for individuals directly affected by breast cancer in local Montana communities.  They also raise awareness of the disease through a western lifestyle.


The military and their families are well represented in the choices for Montana license plates.  Everything from Air Force Veterans, Gold Star Families, Disabled Veterans, and Pearl Harbor Survivors.  I cannot list them all, but you can tell how important our active duty and veteran military members and family are to Montanans.

Vehicles Manufactured in or Before 1933


If you drive an old collectible from 1933 or earlier, this plate is for you.  It is not for general transportation.  Collectors ONLY need to apply.

In the beginning, I said there are a huge number of plates to choose from and I did not even scratch the surface.  You can choose for color or design.  You can pick based on the institution you wish to support.  You can choose to support your favorite charity.  If you have an interest in it, it is probably available. For the entire selection and more information and choices click here for all of the information.

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