Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is issuing an important reminder: Whether state or federally managed ground, it’s important to keep in mind that public lands belong to everyone. They are also asking people who use these lands to pick up after themselves and leave no trace.

FWP wardens and site caretakers are noticing an increase in litter, especially by those using public land for shooting firearms. Spent shell casings and makeshift targets (ranging from bottles to old television sets) have been recent unfortunate leftovers after a day of practice. Warden Rick Schmauch said "not only are we talking about an eyesore and a lack of consideration, but much of what’s left behind can be hazardous – glass, rusted metal, propane canisters, you name it."

Warden Regan Dean says it doesn’t stop at shooting practice,

Unfortunately, some folks go out of their way to dump their garbage on public land. It’s not fair for those who play by the rules. I’ve come across several wasted deer carcasses, old tires and truck seats, and the list goes on

There are rules in place to protect public lands from littering. Persons found guilty of littering are subject to a fine, and under certain circumstances may lose their privileges to hunt and fish.

If you see someone littering on public land, please report it to 800-TIP-MONT