That's Cole, our digital guy here at Townsquare Media and last week he reported to the office with a new friend on his face. I was amused and surprised (sorry Cole, I didn't think you could grow a mustache). Cole declared this month "Mustache March" and said he's keeping that little bad boy all month.

I saw a pretty funny movie last week that touched on the topic of modern mustaches. My wife and I rented Going The Distance, starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. It was totally her call, I actually fought her on getting it. I thought, great a romantic comedy with two actors who date or used to date (not sure, thankfully).

It kills me to admit to my wife when I'm wrong (what a unique dynamic) but I immediately told her my pre-judgement on this movie was wrong. The movie is hilarious and there's a really funny scene involving one of Justin Long's character's friends who has a mustache. His friend tells him he rocks the mustache because he's attracted to older women and a mustache is a time machine for older women. It brings them back to the 70s, when mustaches were cool.

Nowadays mustaches aren't that cool. Creepy seems to be the only way to describe a mustache on most. A lot of older guys look good in a mustache though, like my father. It can give a man a distinguished look if he grooms it right. Chuck Norris looks great in a mustache (just in case he ever reads this). But a mustache on a guy my age, usually on the creepier side of things.

What about a movement this month? A mustache just for March? What do you think?