I love supporting local businesses just as much as the next Montanan, but I honestly had no idea this company was based here in Bozeman. 

I was strolling through downtown Bozeman today and noticed a little food stand outside of Schnee's, and as an avid food vendor enthusiast, I had to give it a try. The food vendor was Montana Mex, and they were serving up some delicious food in honor of Father's Day. 

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Montana Mex doesn't do these types of events often. Their products typically revolve around spices, sauces, and avocado oil. I decided to get some of their tacos, and they were perfect for lunch. Not only that, they were raising money for a Livingston fundraiser, which got me thinking about how important small businesses are in Montana.

After looking at Montana Mex's website, I had no idea they were based right here in Bozeman. I love celebrating local businesses that put out great products and support local causes. It's part of what gives Bozeman its charm.

Montana Mex via Facebook
Montana Mex via Facebook

I usually get spices for my food at the Spice and Tea Exchange in Downtown Bozeman or Costco. If you aren't adding some flair to your food, why cook at all? 

If you want to add some spice to your cupboard and support your local community, there are a few local small businesses you could try, including Olivelle, the Spice and Tea Exchange, Montana Mex, and Ridgeline Spice Company.

If there is one thing about Montanans that you have to admire, they will support local businesses over national companies again and again. Whether the products they purchase are clothes, furniture, or in this case, spices. 

For more details, check out Montana Mex

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