Are you scary into Scoville? Crazy for capsaicinoid? Raging for 'reapers? If you love spicy food, enjoy growing your own peppers and want to bond with like minded others, The Pepper Underground group on Facebook is just for you.

(It's a closed group so you must be approved to join.)


The official description of the group states:

Bring on the heat! We created this group to share growing advice, the love our beloved super hot peppers and more.

We ask that there be no drama and to respect others opinions and so on.

If you have an issue with someone take it out with them privately.

We will not tolerate bullshit!!

Carry on. Happy growing!!

Oh... And we don't really care if you use the word fuck. It's a versatile word.

The Pepper Underground - Facebook

(Full disclosure - I'm a member of the group but did not start it and I am not an administrator of any kind. Just totally dig the vibe of these pepper lovin' folks.)

If you are about ready to get YOUR grow on for the upcoming season, here's a little inspiration. (The picture is MY current stash of various pepper seeds and the video is just a cool time lapse.)

Michelle's Pepper Seed Collection