Ever wonder exactly how much time is spent by your smoking co-workers on those "smoke breaks?" Because I'm not a smoker I do, and I love that someone did the math on this.

I'm not gonna name names but I always see the same faces (freezing ones this time of year) outside certain doors at work puffing on their cigarettes. I couldn't believe how much extra time off from work that adds up to a year, according to a survey carried out by cigarette retailer ECigaretteDirect.co.uk.

Get ready for this. Light smokers take about 18 minutes of smoke breaks a day, which adds up to the same as 9 extra vacation days a year. Heavy smokers can take up to an hour's worth of breaks a day, that my friends adds up to 29 extra vacation days a year. 29! Almost six weeks!

This was a survey conducted in the UK but I'm sure the numbers would add up to something similar over here. My fellow non-smokers, feel free to share this with your smoking co-workers. By the way, I'm sure it adds up to more time here in Montana, considering for like 8 months out of the year time is spent bundling up and down to go outside and smoke.