Last year the average movie ticket reached its highest price ever. Add that to the ridiculous cost of cinema food and you've got one expensive night out....just to see a new release! Check out what most people do to cut corners and save. I know I'm guilty of one of these, how about you?

A survey conducted by CouponCabin just came over the PR Newswire that I found interesting. It revealed that the average movie ticket cost $7.93 last year (the highest price ever). More than half of people (55%) cut down on the number of movies they go to due to the high cost (including 61% of people with children). Makes sense. What I liked is that the remainder is still going to the movies, just cutting down on costs their own way.

  • 62% now go to matinees
  • 38% sneak in their own snacks and drinks
  • 32% use coupons to buy tickets or food
  • 6% say they buy one ticket and then sneak into other movies after that one is finished

I definitely sneak in snacks and/or drinks from home when going to the movies. I just can't buy anything at the ridiculously overpriced concession stand. Yeah the large drink is only a quarter more than the medium, but it will still cost you $8.25. I feel like I need to file a police report after paying that for a soda. I can't (and will not) do it. Anyone else with me? Or do you find yourself not going to the movies as much these days because of the expense?