Loved by many, I simply refer to it as Bad Idea Bubble Water. But THREE new flavors of White Claw are coming for your decision making skills this year.

  • New Flavors Coming: Tangerine, lemon, and watermelon
  • Claw Flavors Already in the Lineup: Pure, black cherry, mango, natural lime, raspberry, and ruby grapefruit
  • There was actually a minor White Claw shortage in September of 2019 due to immense popularity and a 60% market share of the hard seltzer pie.
  • The only bummer is we couldn't find exactly WHEN these 3 new flavors would be available. Even the official White Claw website didn't give any specifics.
  • (Sanjiv Gajiwala, the company's senior vice president of marketing discussed these new flavors hitting the market in 2020 at a 2019 CNN Business event.)
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