Parenthood. That chapter in life that rips you into a 180. I see the dangerous road of change ahead and I think I'm bracing for the tailspin nicely. Every parent out there is probably laughing right now because I couldn't possibly know what lies before me. O.K., I'm taking these speed bumps like a champ. For example, days off are already no longer that and....I'm into it.

I took a couple days off from work awhile back so that I could turn our guest room into our nursery. Now, this isn't a giant leap for mankind here. I'm not the best father-to-be in history. I would probably be the minority if I wasn't "into" this job. What I do know is that I don't get many vacation days and not so long ago these were carefully used for selfish reasons.

The fact that I'm using some vacation time to run back and forth to Kenyon Noble, inhaling paint fumes, slicing my finger with a utility knife, hauling garbage and boxes all over the house, and taking orders from a little lady with gravity issues, all with a smile, makes me feel good. I'm not forcing this smile, I'm genuinely rolling with one of life's biggest game changers. I just feel like a different person already, a better person. I'm very relieved because some guys do go in the other direction. I haven't even had a freak out moment. Yet. I'll keep ya posted!