We've been so excited for the August Guns n' Roses show that we haven't even stopped to consider who the opener might be. Eddie Van Halen's son, Wolfgang, let the cat out of the bag today and announced that his band Mammoth WVH are headed out on tour with GnR for the 2021 rescheduled pandemic dates. I was with my Mom when we learned the news and both agreed that since we never did get to see Van Halen in concert, we absolutely cannot miss the chance to see Wolfie. We are going to GnR anyway, but we certainly won't be late, now!

Some background for you - Wolfgang is 30 years old, his Mom is Valerie Bertinelli, his longtime partner is a software engineer named Andraia Allsop, and he was the bassist for Van Halen from 2006 until his legendary father passed last year. He's also played bass for Tremonti. Wolf actually started his love for playing music as a drummer, and is now the vocalist and bassist for Mammoth WVH. The hit song "Distance" is Wolf's song for his Dad, who was able to hear it before his death last year. The other band members in Mammoth VH are Ronnie Ficarro on bass and vocals, Jon Jourdan on guitars and vocals, guitarist Frank Sidoris, and Garret Whitlock behind the drum kit.

The Guns n' Roses show has been rescheduled for Friday, August 13th. With so many fans getting refunds on tickets during the pandemic, there are a surprising number of tickets now available, check out the seating and prices here. Keep an eye on your 96.3 The Blaze app for give aways all summer!!

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