The Crazy Mountain Neighbors Coalition has started a petition to protect the Crazy Mountains from commercial wind exploration.

According to their website, out-of-state developers want to build a wind plant in our mountains.

Read some of what the Crazy Mountain Neighbors Coalition is saying about the proposed project:

Pattern Energy, a San Francisco based developer, plans to build a massive, utility-scale industrial wind plant right in the heart of our treasured landscape—between the majestic Crazy Mountains and scenic Yellowstone River. Commercial energy development in our backyard will:

  • Destroy an iconic Montana landscape
  • Threaten private property rights
  • Endanger wildlife and our environment
  • Jeopardize tourism and local business
  • Impact our community without local input

"Concerned neighbors joined together to create Crazy Mountain Neighbors Coalition. They're a pro-property rights, pro-preservation group dedicated to protecting our small-town communities from the growing threat of industrialization. As neighbors, we understand that the future of our communities depends on careful stewardship of our lands and we are committed to striking a balance between responsible development and conservation"

Protect an iconic Montana landscape. Sign the petition to stop the Crazy Mountains wind plant.

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