Even after they said the recession was over, we in Montana are still feeling the pinch. But not as much as this small Big Sky country town. 

A website just revealed the poorest cities in the nation, state by state. They took into consideration the household incomes for every area with 25,000 or less occupants in each state according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS).

For example, the number one poorest town? Cairo, Illinois with a median income of $16,490.

The richest poor town? Ketchikan, Alaska with $52,266 per year.

And when it comes to Montana? Livingston with a median household income of $39,015

According to MSN Money:

Livingston is the poorest town in Montana, which itself had one of the lower median household incomes in the nation. A typical Livingston household’s incomes was just $7,215 lower than the state’s income figure, one of the smallest such gaps reviewed. While the poorest town in most states tended to have relatively low educational attainment rates, nearly 31 percent of Livingston adults had completed at least a bachelor’s degree, higher than both the state and national figures.


Livingston also has a town poverty rate of 7.1 percent and a population of 7,060.

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