Be patient. It's coming eventually. HWY 20 out of West Yellowstone (headed to Targhee Pass) is getting much needed lane safety improvements...starting in 2023. 

Denny Creek Road and HWY 20

HWY 20 heading west out of West Yellowstone is a dangerous but important stretch of road. It's the road commonly known as Targhee Pass Highway.

  • The corridor has a rear-end crash pattern near Denny Creek Road
  • Drivers can take the highway to Yellowstone National Park
  • The Targhee Turn Lanes project will add a turn lane to US 20 by Denny Creek Road
  • This intersection/area is known for the rodeo and its access to Hebgen Lake
  • It's called The Targhee Turn Lanes project
  • Project involves installing a center turn-lane between Old U.S. 20 and Denny Creek Road, and a left-turn-lane at Denny Creek Road
  • Project timeline estimates construction beginning between 2023 and 2025
  • "Before that, the project will be under design, with engineers building the plans for construction and working with landowners on securing any needed right-of-way."
HWY 20 near West Yellowstone - Google Maps

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