Be patient. It's coming eventually. HWY 20 out of West Yellowstone (headed to Targhee Pass) is getting much needed lane safety improvements...starting in 2023. 

HWY 20 heading west out of West Yellowstone is a dangerous but important stretch of road. It's the road commonly known as Targhee Pass Highway.

  • The corridor has a rear-end crash pattern near Denny Creek Road
  • Drivers can take the highway to Yellowstone National Park
  • The Targhee Turn Lanes project will add a turn lane to US 20 by Denny Creek Road
  • This intersection/area is known for the rodeo and its access to Hebgen Lake
  • It's called The Targhee Turn Lanes project
  • Project involves installing a center turn-lane between Old U.S. 20 and Denny Creek Road, and a left-turn-lane at Denny Creek Road
  • Project timeline estimates construction beginning between 2023 and 2025
  • "Before that, the project will be under design, with engineers building the plans for construction and working with landowners on securing any needed right-of-way."