Again, this year, I can't resist. Starting a few seeds - some will start, some won't: basil, to be practical, and a few flowers, just to see what happens. Our true growing season is a long way off but "babying" a few plants is an incredibly effective winter therapy.

If you have a sunny window and are looking for an inexpensive, relaxing hobby in the depth of winter...plant a few of your favorite herbs or see what happens with growing your own annual flowers.

seed sprouting close up

This past week, I planted some seeds I had left over from a couple of years ago. (I try to take good care of seed packs, storing them in cool, dry places but there's no guarantee.)

Cardinal Climbers

I've planted only two things: a little Genovese Basil which should do fine since you can grow it inside, and something impractical...Cardinal Climbers.

Cardinal Climbers are gorgeous but enjoy reasonably dry conditions and lots of heat. (That's the impractical part of growing them here.) Depending on the year, I've grown them successfully in pots so I can move them indoors on frosty nights.