Steve-O is a well-known member of the 'Jackass' cast. Throughout the history of the show, Steve-O has performed a variety of stunts that have resulting in excruciating pain. Steve-O was a homeless couch-surfer for three years before he attended Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, to help further his goal of becoming a famous stuntman.

Steve-O later met Johnny Knoxville which led to the creation of the 'Jackass' brand. The first season of the show aired on MTV in 2000. Since then, Steve-O has experienced continued success. He's a New York Times best selling author, and is back to his wild and crazy antics in Jackass Forever, expected to be released in theaters in February of 2020. Steve-O also recently released a new comedy special titled Gnarly on his website You can stream the new special for 9.99.

Steve-O has never stopped being wild and crazy, but he’s definitely evolved. He’s been clean and sober for over twelve years and has developed a genuine love for animals.

If you're a Steve-O fan, you can see him in Bozeman on his Bucket List Tour at The ELM on January 4. 2022. It's an 18+ show. The performance is Rated X and contains graphic footage of full nudity, sexually explicit content, self-inflicted violence, and drug use.

Here are a few more details about the show

    • WHAT: Steve-O's Bucket List Tour
    • WHERE: The ELM. Bozeman, Montana
    • WHEN: January 4, 2022
    • TICKETS: $40 General Admission Floor Seating. $45 Reserved Balcony Seating. $55 Reserved Premium Loge Seating. Tickets are available at or by calling (800) 514-3849.

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