This is the happy guy who finally made it into the studio this morning to co-host the Sunday Brunch. We have been talking about it forever. He arrived on his bike with a little rucksack full of tunes and a computer.

Conrad Anker is a famous guy for lil' ole Bozeman.  As the North Face puts it  "'Conrad Anker's specialty, simply put, is climbing the most technically challenging terrain in the world. " He is a hero in this town that admires those who run to the edge of adventure, face it head on and win. He is an adventurer, mountaineer, author and has been on the cover of Outside Magazine, the subject of many articles on climbing,  in the movie 'The Wildest Dream' about George Mallory's 1924 Everest Expedition and the discovery of his remains in 1999. He happened to be the first to spot Mallory's remains  which is enough alone to secure his place in the climbing community. He is a North Face Athlete and spokesman, a man who has bagged summits around the world  more times than one can recall and a music buff that just so happens to listen to the Sunday Brunch.  He is an environmental activist with a voice of soft spoken reason that filters through  the clouds of gruff shoulder butting and piles of murky information.  Conrad is treated like a celeb in this town and rightfully so. He takes that to heart and uses it to make the world a better place to live with his every action. Needless to say, he and Jeni's  social calender is always full, being much in demand for his easy conversation and spectacular stories of adventure, travel and perspective on cultures that span the globe.  His passion for climbing and the BIT -Bozeman Ice Tower Project are infectious.  His being so -right on- via his reoccurring article feature in the BDC about the new Roundabout on College and 11th before it was popular to say it out loud is priceless redemption to  naysayers.  It all adds up to one great guy that I'm honored to know and call a friend. So happy that he made it in this morning. It was great fun. Thanks for adding to the show.

Now he is on his way home on his bike to to finish up some laundry, kick the kids off the computer games and go for a hike with his sweet Jeni.  Happy Sunday to you Conrad and thanks for sharing your Sunday Morning in the studio.


**Next Week:: ' Sit In Sunday Brunch' is with Singer Songwriter Jim Averitt. Another guy with gads of talent and tight connections to that celebrity thing.

Remember Storyhill at the Gallatin Gateway Inn this Friday night November, 4th. Tickets at Cactus. Storyhill has had an incredible run this year. Check in with them at the show, hear of their new adventures and experiences. Im sure they have a great story or two about Garrison Keillor and being on 'Prairie Home Companion' to share.

Here is this mornings  playlist as it happened::

John Prine- Long Monday- Fair & Square

Johnatha Brooke- Little Bird- The Works

Iron and Wine- Wolves- The Shepherd’s Dog

Pete Townshend- I’m One- Live

Indigo Girls- Love’s Recovery- Indigo Girls

The Young Guv’nahs- Youth is in Our Blood

Jacob Dylan- This End of the Telescope- Seeing Things

Nathaniel Rateliff- You Should’ve Seen the Other Guy- In Memory of Loss

Nick Drake- One of These Things First- Bryter Layter

Ryan Adams- Come Home- Ashes & Fire

Storyhill- Blazing Out of Sight- Storyhill

Lyle Lovett- Song for Julia- Road to Ensenada

Patty Griffin- Let Him Fly- Living With Ghosts

Jayhawks- Pouring Rain at Dawn- Mockingbird Time

Bon Iver- Flume- Live recording

Jose Gonzalez- Down The Line- In Our Nature

REM- Half a World Away- The Unplugged Collection

Jeff Tweedy- The Thanks I Get- Live recording

Jackson Browne and David Lindley- Mercury Blues- Love is Strange

Eddie Vedder- Long Night- Into the Wild Soundtrack

The Rolling Stones- Melody- Black and Blue

Neil Young- The Painter- Prairie Wind

Jorma Kaukonen- Genesis- live recording

Cat Stevens- Longer Boats- Tea for the Tillerman

Joni Mitchell- Big Yellow Taxi- Greatest Hits

Ben Harper- Beautiful Boy- Instant Karma Save Darfur

Iron & Wine- Each Coming Night- Our Endless Numbered Days

Mike Doughty- Telegenic Exes.(Astoria)- Yes and Also Yes

James Taylor- Steamroller- Greatest Hits

Michelle Shocked- Anchorage- Short Sharp Shocked

Beck- Golden Age- Sea Change

Bruce Cockburn- Wondering Where the Lions Are- Greatest Hits

Bob Dylan- Isis- Desire

Ten Years After-I’d Love to Change the World- A Space in Time

Jason Mraz- I’m Yours- Casa Nova Sessions


Sunday Brunch Listeners- please share these lists on facebook and twitter- my boss and the station computer guy Cole like it when you do.

Much appreciation to you and thanks as ever for making this a part of your Sunday routine. :) L.


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