Yes, I had a Bakery that is now a custom, by order only operation.  And what I know is that there is one thing that cannot be denied. The increase in people living a gluten free lifestyle by choice and not so much by choice is on the rise. It is very prevalent in this little town. From what I hear from friends in other towns and cities across the country who own Bakeries and Cake Shops- the trend is nationwide. Will it go the way of the Rhino or the Atkins Diet? hmmm... not anytime soon.

What I do know is that those who suffer from gluten or wheat intolerance find it very uncomfortable when they do indulge in wheat products. It can be downright painful. That in and of itself is enough to keep one from that bagel, beer, tortilla or muffin. Furthermore, some of  us do not work well with simple carbs in any way. The kind that turn into sugar almost instantly in the body cause a hormone and insulin loop that is detrimental to long term health and wellness. Gluten Free Baking comes with a bit of a turned up nose from many. It isn't always good. I personally wouldn't put anything out that wasn't tested, tried and as close to the original as possible- if it didnt look and taste good-it was 'outta here.' Gluten free baked items often come with the subtext of  'delicious free.'  Often dry, grainy and just plain unappetizing to look at. In addition, quite expensive to make.  The good news is that companies and people are jumping on the recipe development program and coming up with very workable and delicious gluten free mixes and recipes. Yes, you need to stock up on the rice flour, almond flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, xanthum gum etc... if you are going to give a go at serious mix free, gluten free scratch baking. Having enough resources and information can make it or break it.   The following blogs have been helpful as well.,,

When I choose to cut the gluten- the difference and results are nothing less than amazing. Living Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free feels pretty fantastic.  I call it 'eating clean.' Yes, I miss the pasta and potatoes but I do not miss the symptoms and results of enjoying them. I do however,  miss Eggs Benedict with potatoes - completely miss it.

This recipe rocks. Gluten Free Pancakes that the average bear wouldn't even know are Gluten Free.  You can find the recipe here at

Enjoy! :) L.






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