Chinese Art Show Coming To Livingston
Of COURSE Livingston is getting a cool art exhibit. It's LIVINGSTON. Over 100 pieces of Chinese art will be on display beginning July 5th with support from the Yellowstone Asia Initiative.
Sunday Brunch- 6.10.12- Playlist
THIS view... this one- is the reason I moved to Montana thirteen years ago. Although over the years I have found many favorite scenic views, they are as limitless as the clouds in our mighty Montana skies, this is the one that will come up in my mind when Im 90- living in a place by the water with b…
Dana Kuglin In The Gallatin Art Crossing.
The Gallatin Art Crossing is home to many unique artists hailing from numerous Rocky Mountain towns. Dana Kuglin has been a contributor from early on in the installation and his pieces have become mainstays for the collection. ‘Against the Current’ has been in several locations…
Gallatin Art Crossing To Host Installation Reception July 16th
This July 16th is a chance for you all to show your love for the Gallatin Art Crossing and all the work they have done to unite local sculptors and beautify downtown Bozeman in a major way. Held on the promenade of the Downtown Library the Installation reception will be celebrating this year&CloseCu…

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