Michelle Wolfe

Know Thy Neighbors
Going to work as early as I do is bad enough. Getting in your car and noticing two huge bags of trash strewn all over the lawn is just plain, well, gross. Turns out one of the animal-rummaged bags wasn't even ours.
Michelle's Garden
As I've discussed many times, gardening is therapy for me. With no training, classes or skill my only desire each day is to come home and look at my flowers. Whatever is blooming and it doesn't matter what kind.
Are You a Local?
The challenge is back and this one might stump "new locals". DON'T BLOW IT BY NAMING WHO THIS IS, but share this post IF you do. Reasonably old school Bozeman locals will recognize this picture.
Michelle Gets a Cat
For reasons that I'll explain at a later date, I adopted a cat two weeks ago. Cats are jerks. Furry, arrogant, emotionally indifferent, mildly vindictive jerks.
Confessions Of A Seed Addict
Gardening is a hobby. A profession for some, but most of us just enjoy the simplicity of growing herbs, vegetables, flowers and other plants because we CAN.
Starting Seeds
I want to start some seeds indoors even though it is FAR too early. I've got dozens of little packets, far more than I have time or room to deal with. That is not the point.
Chicks Teaching Dudes
You may be familiar with the recent lessons that Rich Ledoux has imparted on me which include smoking cigars and opening beer bottles with a lighter. In this episode, we explore the Man Lesson of "Dudes Getting Waxed".

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