I'll keep this quick...you probably have things to bake, bags to pack, groceries to buy, last minute gifts to get... You'll get a more meaningful "reason for the season" type message with New Year but Thank You for another great year.

We already feel pretty lucky to live in a place like Bozeman but to be able to do what we do, in a place like Bozeman is simply humbling. This community is one of peace, intelligence, sharing and surprise. (I say surprise because just when I think I know everyone and everything - something big and interesting happens.)

Bozeman reminds me constantly about what kind of person I'd like to be. And when she doesn't, I can usually remind myself and do something to remind HER of what kind of town she wants to be.

Thank you, from all of us at The MOOSE. Our little piece of downtown Bozeman wouldn't be the same without you listening, calling, stopping by and helping out when the call comes down. (I'm thinking specifically about the 20,000 pounds of food just raised by The Gift of Food.)

All the best to you and yours this season. Whether your family is big or small, know that you have another group of folks who consider you family too.