I'm guessing that Jeff Dougherty loves running, Bozeman and art. He has meticulously pieced together a stunning tour of Bozeman with footage from every season during his runs. This might be the coolest Bozeman video I've seen yet.

In my book, this is cool for SO many reasons.

  • Jeff was training for a marathon
  • The video was created by filming the same 5 mile loop
  • He took over 98,000 pictures with his GoPro time lapse feature
  • We all know the landmarks so well...you could just follow in his footsteps
  • Capturing all the seasons means just that! Running in sun, rain and snow!

You get a little of everything - some sculpture at the Bozeman Public Library, a little downtown, the popular Linear Trail and the beautiful views of the Bridgers from Highland Boulevard.

Heck, your house might even show up in this lovely piece, especially if your house backs up to a trail.

This video was created and uploaded to VIMEO by Jeff Dougherty.

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