Lesson 1 - Do NOT make fun of your dad's habit of "collecting" things. I did it chronically and it is now biting me in the ass on a daily basis. Mind your own business and let the man collect whatever the hell he wants.

You may remember sometime last year I made a game out of the BOX OF 250 wine openers I found? If not, just know that...well....there was a BOX OF 250 freakin' wine openers that I gave away on the air. How he accumulated them, I'll never really know.

Then, there are these.

You'll either understand this picture or not. It's fine if it doesn't mean anything to you other than "that's a LOT of fly fishing reels". Because it is a lot of fly fishing reels. They just all happen to be the same, insane brand.

I'll get back with you later.....need to go rip some lips.

I don't know if I can do these puppies justice but I had an excellent teacher.

Dad and Michelle fishing