I was just thinking the other day about how, as soon as it's safe to do so again, I'm gonna go absolutely nuts doing as much stuff as I possibly can. Seeing all the movies, going to all the concerts, drinking at all the bars, eating at all the restaurants - it's been a rough year for everyone, and after we've been stuck inside for much of that time, I think most people are going to need a release.

And while that day may not come for a while (although, based on this news, maybe it's sooner than we might have thought), we can still figure out ways to have some fun that don't involve sitting on the couch and finishing our 18th crossword puzzle of the week. With cold weather coming in for the winter, it seemed like outdoor dining was pretty much done in Missoula for a few months... until The Top Hat made this announcement on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Domes! Outdoor, heated, socially-distanced domes! I've seen stories about these popping up in a few places around the world, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've seen outdoor dining domes in Missoula.

The only thing is, these are going fast. We tried to book one this weekend shortly after this post went up and they were already gone, so you may have to reserve one at least over a week in advance. Yes, it's pricier than just going to get a meal, but if you get a group together and split the cost, $20 for 2 hours seems pretty reasonable.

Are you going to check out The Top Hat's new outdoor domes?

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