Montana is home to a lot of college football fans. The rivalry between Montana State University and the University of Montana is one of the longest-running in collegiate football.

Volodymyr Zakharov
Volodymyr Zakharov

The rivalry between the Cats and the Griz began in 1897. The game has been historically referred to as the Cat-Griz game, and in 1997, the game was officially dubbed "The Brawl of the Wild.'

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Needless to say, Cat fans and Griz fans aren't too fond of one another. Every year when the two teams meet, chants from the crowd include phrases that may not be appropriate for children. College football fans across Montana can't wait for the highly anticipated Cat-Griz game scheduled for Saturday, November 19 at Bobcat Stadium in Bozeman.

When one team loses, the other team is quick to celebrate. This past weekend, the Griz suffered an embarrassing 30-23 loss against the University of Idaho. It marks the first time that the Griz have lost to the Vandals since 1999.

University of Montana football game.

Some Griz fans are calling for a termination of the program following the loss to U of I, and it seems that the folks that run the Montana Grizzlies Football Fans Facebook page are having a good time with it.

Here's what was shared on the page Sunday

Just to be clear, it's only a joke. Washington-Grizzly Stadium isn't getting torn down, but we definitely got a good laugh when we saw it.

The Griz losing to the Vandals is good news for the Bobcats, who are currently 3-0 in the Big Sky Conference. The two teams will face off in the 'Brawl of the Wild' on Saturday, November 19 in Bozeman.

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