There’s a website for whatever you desire romantically — meet someone with similar interests on OK Cupid, find a discreet person to have an extramarital affair with on Ashley Madison, get set up with a leather sub at Fet Life. Now, you can fund your college tuition in exchange for sexual favors at Seeking Arrangement, which is doing so well in the pairing-sugar-babies-with-sugar-daddies marketplace that it’s working on launching a mobile app.

But paying for classes, books and providing other financial support is not the only thing that Seeking Arrangement helps facilitate. Cars, trips and jewelry often factor into the equation. The give and take includes goods and services likes sex. Essentially, it’s co-ed hookers and their johns.

Not so fast, says the founder of the site, which launched in 2006. It’s not an escort service and it’s up to the sugar daddy and his sugar baby to decide the terms consensually. The site administrators also monitor profiles and shut down up to 20 per day when inappropriate behavior is alluded to. Things like hourly rates can’t be discussed and terms like “in call” and “out call” cannot be used. Now you know the jargon in case you find yourself caught in a sting.

The sugar babies are adamant about their arrangement not being considered prostitution. One told CBS Miami that “prostitution is when you get paid for sex and that is just it. Sex. For this, you build a relationship with someone…They have money they want to help you. They see you struggling, They want to help you. Whether or not it is an arrangement… it is still a relationship,”

Wonder what the interest rate is compared to other college loan places?

[Via CBS Miami]