Besides STUFF, what are we all TRULY thankful for this holiday season - and the rest of the year for that matter? Family and friends I would guess are at the top of your list...

But what else? Health? Home? Enough food? A safe town to live in? Your education?

I find people's priorities in life incredibly interesting. On any given day you can tell what's "top of mind" for folks from what they say and how they act. Ever catch yourself saying something incredibly shallow without intending to do so? Of course. We all have.

So this holiday season (and perhaps into the foreseeable future) I intend to be thankful for my words and actions. I intend to say "please" and "thank you" far more often. I'll try never to be caught saying something I don't really mean. (Positive OR negative.)

I also won't wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year's to do it. Right this second is when I'll begin. Go out there, and be a better person. There's enough B.S. in the world.....don't let any of it come from you. -m


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