Bozeman was nice this Christmas. We wanted to know what YOUR favorite thing was! We enjoyed friends in town, drunken family fights, beautifully lit homes, inflatable Mr. Potato Heads and fantastic White Elephant gifts.

Our informal poll downtown today revealed a few of "Bozeman's Favorite Things" this Christmas.....

In no particular order:

  • Downtown Bozeman Christmas Decorations (who DOESN'T love our spiders)
  • Skiing at Bridger Bowl with family (most said they did that EVERY year)
  • "Suprise" potluck Christmas Dinner with friends where everyone brought something, but they didn't tell each other what they were bringing. Shockingly, there was an abundance of alcohol and vegetable trays.
  • New relationship started at company party
  • "Uncle Bobby" showed up to a big family dinner unexpectedly. Most hadn't seen him in 10+ years
  • Having ALL the kids at home at the same time for a couple of days
Christmas Lights on house/KMMS