When I die, I'm SO coming back as a barn cat. Being a barn cat with a real home at your disposal might be the best life of all. This is Huntley Dahmer the cat. He lives in the southern Madison Valley and has the best life of any cat I've ever met.

Hutley Dahmer the Cat

Huntley is a killer of mice and other small animals and has been known to face down a Moose. I have no evidence of the latter but I'd like to believe it's true. Makes for a pretty bad ass cat.

Huntley has his own barn which is his domain alone. However, he also has free reign of his owner's home, fireplace, sunny windows and easy chair. Huntley has earned those rights over the years. He's old, perhaps 16.

I'd like to believe that in our old age, we all deserve the spoils of sunny windows and easy chairs after spending our lives working hard as warriors of whatever it is we do. Just a simple thought for the day. Now get out there and rid the world of barn mice. -Michelle

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