The Pointer Sisters opened up for them. It was San Francisco. I was with my Mom. Wham! was about to take the stage. It was the real beginning of my love for live music. No, I'm not kidding. I loved Wham! and you did too. Don't pretend that you were never that uncool.

The sad part is that I still love Wham! and will always turn up the radio station that plays "Everything She Wants" or the later solo hit for George Michael, "Freedom". My iPod is shamelessly packed with every song from their catalog minus a few super yucky, slow turds.

My friend Kathleen patiently tolerates my affection for Hall & Oates to the point where she'll even spend her own money on the jukebox to surprise me with a few treats like "Sara Smile" or "You Make My Dreams". ("Maneater" or "Private Eyes" are certainly acceptable hits but they're also a little obvious.

Next time you need a little pick me up and you're not within a four mile radius of anyone who will hold it against you, shamelessly pick YOUR old guilty pleasure, push play and turn it up. When you're dead, your friends will have great stories to tell about your musical "flaws" over a cold beer.

Michelle's Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Bands:

1. Hall & Oates
2. Wham!
3. Depeche Mode
4. Journey
5. PM Dawn

Yes, I'm aware they're all crap. That's the point.