It was this day in 2009 that I asked on my Facebook page, "What are the Top 10 things you love about Bozeman". Some responses from back then aren't possible in Bozeman anymore. You'll see.

All responses are copied and pasted directly from my Facebook page back in 2009. I didn't edit for length (or grammar or spelling.) I just removed the names of respondents.

A lot of these places aren't around anymore. Today's list would look a little different.

  • In the early morning when the sun lights up the snow covered Tobacco Roots... after 32 years it still takes my breath away
  • My aunt in Norway, Maine just wrote: "I am just going to remember how much I love your Main Street. It has a charm and inspiration for our work in Norway!"
  • Riding bikes to music on Main, then going to the Hauf for a nice dose of Tex Tucker - Bridger - Sweet Pea - Hylite - Beers at the Garage on a summer day - Leaf & Bean - Cactus - La Parilla - Universal Athletics - Music Villa
  • 1. You know your neighbors and you like them.
    2. Everyone drives a Subaru and has a black lab.
    3. You're 30 minutes from a blue ribbon trout stream. FIVE of them.
    4. A passionate dislike for the Griz... but sense enough to support them if they're the only MT representative.
    5. It smells like heaven outside.
    6. Cowboys & cowgirls. Real ones.
    7. A weekend river float has you waving to half the town.
    8. Sweet Pea. Christmas Stumble. Downtown Parades.
    9. You can ride your bike anywhere and not be run off the road.
    10. The swell of excitement coming over the pass and down into the valley after being out of town for awhile.
  • oh man, now i miss bozeman
  • 10-Access to Big Sky & Moonlight
    9- Hyline Raceway
    8- Brett, Arron & the Zebra
    7- Any events thrown by Lucia, Jonas or DJAJ
    6- Floatillas
    5- The people that come together for Hatch each year to grow the creative arts
    4- DJ Bones & Eightrack Mind
    3- Dog parties
    2- Warehouse meetings with Dr Jones. the SCS boys and assorted guests
    1- Hippies and rednecks peacefully co-existing and collaborating!
  • I love how Bozeman gets under your skin and you just can't get rid of it. The strong sense of place, feeling that you belong to Bozeman and it belongs to you follows you no matter how far away you go.
  • *Music on Main!!!
    *Bridger + Big Sky = Magnificent skiing!
    *Mackenzie River Pizza (on Main Street)
    *The best coffee shops (can't pick a fave I go to so many of them...Homepage, Leaf & Bean, Rocky Mountain, The Daily...and NO Starbucks needed, yeah!)
    *Hyalite Reservoir (and biking up to it!)
    *Bear Canyon (my running route)
    *Summer evening thunderstorms-the sky is magical and textured and amazingly lit, and the scent of the, you just have to experience it...and I'm sure everyone here know what I'm talking about
    *Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall....
    *Gallatin Canyon
    *Main Street...nuff said
Bozeman sunset - photo Michelle Wolfe
Bozeman sunset - photo Michelle Wolfe


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