It's always fun to know what others are saying about you - good or bad. I did some top tier investigative journalism to find out what others in the lower 48 are saying about us up here in the Gem State - or at least what's the first thing that comes to mind when people hear "Idaho."

We're no Florida where there's a crazy person doing crazy things on the daily. And we're certainly no California even though we got a lot of Californians. Surely enough, of course everyone has an opinion on everything including Idaho!

Here's a list of the top 10 most common things out-of-staters think of when they think of Idaho:

  1. Potatoes - obviously.
  2. Napoleon Dynamite - this cult classic put us on the map in the early 2000's!
  3. Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad is one of the most binge-able shows of our generation.
  4. Sun Valley & Ernest Hemmingway - it's true, we get a few high profile celebs strolling through. Sun Valley & Coeur d'Alene are home to many celebrity getaways.
  5. Neo Nazis & White supremacist - uh, yeah. As embarrassing as it is northern was not too long ago home to Aryan Nations.
  6. Mormons - Idaho is actually right behind Utah in this category.
  7. Boise state and the blue turf - & you bet that thing is trademarked!
  8. Bigfoot - out-of-state adventurists come to the Sawtooth Mountains thinking they have a good chance spotting Bigfoot.
  9. "Idaho? No... you da ho!" - ok this wasn't a half bad joke in 4th grade.
  10. They don't. - To be quite honest with you.... the rest of the country doesn't think much about Idaho at all. Most people forget it's even on the map and or that anybody even lives here!

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