Throwing My Golf Club
It's no secret that I use golf as therapy. Even though I'm in therapy. But something interesting happened yesterday on the golf course....
Bozeman eCard Of The Day
Welcome to Monday. We've decided to start delivering you Bozeman centric eCards, but feel free to help us out with your best suggestions! Enjoy.
US Named Funniest Country; Germany Named Least Funny
Maybe we should work on exporting some knock-knock jokes.
The US has been named the funniest country in a survey of 30,000 people from 15 nations around the globe, while Germany - long known for its poor sense of humor - kept up the stereotype by finishing at the bottom.
Add “Theme Pics” To Your Collection
I was out with a group of friends last weekend, a camera was handy, and so was an awesome idea. Someone mentions a game of sorts they used to play in college, taking "theme pics". This picture is what we would look like if we just walked in on our parents having sex.

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