Hang on to your hat! There is a Wind Advisory in effect for several Montana counties through Thursday evening with gusts of 60 MPH expected.

Park County, Judith Gap, Southern Wheatland, Melville Foothills and Northern Sweet Grass Counties will all be affected by gusty winds through Thursday evening.

In places such as Livingston, don't be surprised if at least high profile vehicles such as semi trucks are detoured through town and off of I-90 for a bit. (These detours have been extremely frequent in recent weeks!)

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We've also experienced warm temperatures in these areas so it's also important to be hyper-aware of burning issues. In many locations, there is no snow on the side of the roadways.

According to the National Weather Service:

  • WHAT IS EXPECTED WITH THIS ADVISORY...Southwest wind gusts to 60 mph expected in several Montana counties, including Park county and the Livingston area.
  • WHERE IS THIS ADVISORY...Beartooth Foothills and Livingston Area. Also included: Judith Gap, Southern Wheatland, Melville Foothills and Northern Sweet Grass Counties
  • WHEN IS THIS ADVISORY IN EFFECT...From 3 AM to 9 PM Thursday.
  • IMPACTS OF THIS WIND ADVISORY...Strong crosswinds will make travel difficult along Interstate 90 from Livingston to Big Timber and roads along the Beartooth Foothills.
  • It's been unseasonably warm in Montana this February!!!! Warm and dry conditions could cause rapid fire spread. Use extreme caution with any burning activities.
  • Along the I-90 corridor, winds this strong can make driving difficult, especially for high profile vehicles such as semi-trucks and taller vehicles.

If you'll be traveling through these counties on Thursday, be as visible as possible while driving.

Turn on those headlights so cars around you have the best chance of seeing you. Pass with care and slow down. Gusty winds are just that...gusty. They can start and stop at Mother Nature's will!

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