If you're traveling through Montana, you most likely will stop at a gas station or restaurant for snacks or a bite to eat.

Close-up of pouring maple syrup on stack of pancakes.

When you're driving at night, your options are limited when it comes to restaurants, however, several gas stations throughout the state are open 24 hours.

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There's one restaurant in Montana that has been a welcomed sight for weary Montana travelers. According to Cosmopolitan, Shellie's Country Cafe in Helena is the best 24-hour restaurant in Montana. Here's what Cosmopolitan had to say about Shellie's.

Shellie's feeds big portions to hungry truckers 24 hours a day, whether they're craving breakfast sandwiches or prime rib. The locals know to top off their meal with a Marionberry milkshake.


Shellie's Country Cafe is a locally owned and operated 24-Hour Diner in Helena, and if you visit their website, it's pretty straightforward.

Nothing Fancy, Just Good Food

My good friend Cindy lives in Helena and brags about how good Shellie's is all of the time. Personally, I've only eaten there once, and it was just what the doctor ordered. If you're looking for a quality home-cooked meal and great service, do yourself a favor and stop by Shellie's Country Cafe the next time you're in Helena.

If you're in the Bozeman area and are in search of late-night food, the drive-thru at Mr. Burritos is open 24 hours. You can't go wrong with a burrito the size of your forearm.

With warmer weather right around the corner, Montanans will be hitting the road, and it's always good to know about good restaurants to visit on your road trip.

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