August and September will be SLAMMED with concerts and events around Southwest Montana. Bozeman, Livingston, Big Sky and Missoula all have their fair share of excellent live music events.

(We even forgot to put a few on our dry erase board before it was too late, so we'll list some additional events here! I mean, who could forget Red Ants Pants Festival?)

In addition to all the press releases that get sent to us, we like to keep a tidy calendar in the studio that lists as many events as we can fit on it. (Again, stuff you DON'T see on the list probably has its own poster hung in the studio...)

Need another road trip? How about The Huckleberry Jam at Tamarck Resort in Idaho? It's an additional chance to see Michael Franti and Brandi Carlile in a resort festival setting!

MOOSE Events calendar
MOOSE Events calendar



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