No, I don't have kids. It's not for nieces or nephews. This grown adult is taking full ownership of this inflatable kiddie pool with a cold beer.

Spending more time at home has actually been quite pleasant. I enjoy my little space in the world, the neighbors are very cool and keeping busy hasn't been an issue.

However, as the temps creep into the 90s, my beloved outdoor space becomes less beloved. If I was on my favorite beach in Mexico it would be fine. But I'm not. And won't be for the foreseeable future.

So to the yard I go. In my new inflatable kiddie pool.

I actually have given this a lot of thought: 1) There is currently a small, soft-sided insulated cooler in the fridge. 2) There's a 6-pack of Melvin Pilsner chillin' in there too. 3) I picked up a bag of ice on the way home to ensure no beverage gets warm. 4) I dug out my older Crazy Creek chair that will fit nicely in the not-so-big inflatable pool.

We'll see how it goes. Just know that your friend Michelle is keeping it classy. Or at least well thought out...

Melvin beer
Kiddie Pool

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