How cool! It's a full set of five classes, focused on landscaping your personal space with water efficient design, choices and tools. The City of Bozeman makes a genuine effort to educate and encourage smart water usage.

You'll need to register in advance for these classes, but they are FREE. They are webinars, so you can learn from the comfort of your couch, then put your new knowledge to work when you're ready.

  • 5/6 - Watershed Wise Landscaping
  • 5/13 - Garden Design Workshop
  • 5/20 - Compost: Building the Soil Sponge
  • 5/27 - Turf: Remove, Replace or Maintain It (organically)
  • 6/3 - Irrigation Basics and Water-Use Efficiency

Spaces are filling up fast for these free webinars so get registered soon! REGISTER HERE FOR ONE OR MORE OF THESE CLASSES.

Classes are focused on things such as highly efficient irrigation systems, local, climate-appropriate plants to pick, capturing rainwater and building healthy soil.

The goal is to enable you to create your own healthy watershed in your space. Webinars are put on by the Green Gardens Group. Almost all webinars start at 6pm and run for 1 hour. (One webinar appears to start at 6:15pm and runs for 1 hour.)

You can even learn how to "Green Your Concrete Footprint" with this super informative PDF. It's full of water friendly ideas and solutions for your yard.

If you enjoy these webinars being offered, you can search other events that are happening with GGG. Check their Events Page HERE.

What is the Watershed Approach? According to the Green Gardens Group:

Your front yard is where you meet the global environment. Design, install, and manage your landscape using the Watershed Approach.

The result is a gorgeous living space that functions as a healthy mini-watershed: sequestering atmospheric carbon, preventing water and air pollution, restoring the hydration and life of the soil, and attracting essential life into the garden.

Thanks to the City of Bozeman for connecting us with these free webinars. Hopefully these can be a regular occurrence for area residents.

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