Nearly 1,000 acres in the Custer National Forest south of Big Timber are scheduled to be burned as early as possible this Spring. THE EXACT DATE HAS NOT YET BEEN DETERMINED.

Getting the word out is important about this controlled burn. They don't want folks mistaking this controlled burn for a naturally started fire.

According to the National Forest Service:

  • With the early loss of snowpack in the mountains, fire officials on the Custer Gallatin National Forest are preparing to implement a 991 acre controlled burn near Black Butte south of Big Timber.
  • Timing is critical for implementing spring controlled burns, and the first few weeks of March may provide the right conditions.
  • Finding the right time to burn this unit is important. We need to wait for most of the snow to melt, but burn the grasses while they remain dormant and before the green grass begins to grow.
  • Restoring and promoting ponderosa pine trees and open grasslands will help return the area to a system with more frequent fires at low intensities.
  • No area, trail, or road closures are planned during the implementation of the burn. However, fire officials do urge caution if anyone plans to be in the area the days of ignition.

For further information regarding the controlled burn, please contact the Yellowstone Ranger District Office at (406) 222-1892.

stock footage of Montana wildfire (Photo by Robin Loznak/Getty Images)
stock footage of Montana wildfire (Photo by Robin Loznak/Getty Images)

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