Gardening is a hobby. A profession for some, but most of us just enjoy the simplicity of growing herbs, vegetables, flowers and other plants because we CAN.

It's OK to have more than you can deal with

My quest in the last few years to become a "decent" gardener evolved by accident. Other than the advice of the internet and a few trusted friends, my journey has been my own though trial and error.

Trial and error don't get nearly enough credit in the creation of great happiness.

That certainly pertains to gardening. Nobody has all the answers. It's about giving things a shot: growing edamame in Bozeman, starting Sweet Peas inside. Mixing your own organic dirt.

Something unusual for the 2015 season


Today I organized and sorted all of the seeds I ordered for THIS SEASON ONLY. Wanna take a stab as how many packs there are? 87.

Yes, 87 packs of sees.

I don't have room for this many seedlings but why order one breed of basil or peppers when you can order five. Which I did.

Various seed starts

My father says, "He who dies with the most feathers and bullets wins." (Referring to fly tying material and the obvious. I guess my take on that is, "She who dies with the most seeds and plants wins."