Some of us have adjusted to new norms. Some have not. It's different for everyone. If you're having trouble, here are some great ideas to bring some normalcy back in the age of COVID-19.

Daily Update / Tip: If Covid-19 has turned your daily routine upside-down, if you’re spending a great deal of time at home (good for you!) one of the ways of combating boredom, over-snacking and depression is to develop a new daily routine – and to stick to it. It might even be helpful to write it out a daily schedule – not too taxing – and post it somewhere prominent. Schedule wake-up time, personal hygiene, exercise, balanced meals, check-ins with at least one friend and a family member per day, and include some “metime” with what anchors you: meditating, music, yoga or gardening. Take a break from TV news or social media by finding something enriching to watch on YouTube, like a virtual tour of the Roman Forum or Machu Picchu. When you look back at your day, pick out a couple of positive things that you did and congratulate yourself for doing so!

FAQ: Q: How do I talk to my kids about Covid-19? A: The CDC has excellent guidance for parents at The main suggestions include: Remain calm and reassuring. Make yourself available to listen and to talk. Avoid language that might blame others and lead to stigma. Pay attention to what children see or hear on television, radio, or online. Provide information that is honest and accurate. Teach children everyday actions to reduce the spread of germs.

Pulling Together: HRDC recognizes that Covid-19 has impacted Gallatin County residents in a profound way. Whether it’s food insecurity or housing challenges, it’s important to reach out for assistance in your time of need. Your first step is to go to and fill out a “Request Support” form – available on the website’s landing page. Let them know how they can provide you with assistance or connect you with services during this uncertain time. Example: “How can I access the Gallatin Valley Food Bank?” -OR- “I am a senior and in need of toilet paper and milk.”

What Can I Do? Fill out the 2020 US Census at While it’s not Covid-19 related, it’s something you can do at home – and it’ll only take you 10 minutes. Not only do we want to ensure a complete count for accuracy sake, we stand to gain increased access to funds for transportation, housing and education. Take a moment to “Max the Count” by filling out the census!

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