We're in a weird place. I'd argue that it's a place that necessitates personal responsibility now more than ever. There's a lot you can do to keep yourself healthy, regardless of how regulations and mandates evolve.

The Gallatin Valley feels like a house divided right now. And we're ALL suffering some sort of 'COVID fatigue' I'm sure. This is not to argue politics or mandates, but a reminder that you sill have a lot of control over your own health...in MY opinion.

STAY UP TO DATE ON GALLATIN COUNTY COVID-19 VACCINATIONS: The Gallatin City/County Health Department announced a way for you to sign up for notifications about vaccination information. This is NOT a sign-up to receive the vaccine, but a way to stay informed on timelines, locations and when phases of release come up. You'll be able to get updates on your phone or email.

"information on which phase we are currently in, who is eligible, and when we move into different phases, current mechanisms for registering eligible people to receive vaccines and other important vaccine distribution information"

STAY VIGILANT ABOUT YOUR OWN HEALTH AND COVID-19 PREVENTION: As an adult, you have choices. Where you go, when you go and how you choose to interact with others during this pandemic. Arguing with people on social media is taxing and fruitless so just do you.

CONTINUE TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF VULNERABLE NEIGHBORS: Regardless of how the state of Montana decides to 'open up', there are so many folks in our community who absolutely HAVE TO remain vigilant due to underlying health issues. Do what you can to check in on them, drop off some groceries or bring them a tasty, local take-out meal.

Wear a mask whenever it's appropriate, work from home if you're able, keep hand sanitizer handy in your vehicle, purse and home. Wash your hands often and don't throw big keggers until we've all been vaccinated. Hang in there. You're not alone. We just have to be diligent for a few more months.

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