As far as organized neighborhood associations, there appears to be 14 distinct neighborhoods but of course there are MANY, MANY more. We all have a 'hood, right?

If you're the kind of person who enjoys maps, check this one out from the City of Bozeman. The COB Neighborhoods Program was created in 2007 with a goal to enhance communication between groups of Bozeman residents and the City. Makes sense. (There's also the Bozeman Inter Neighborhood Council.) So who are they?

City of bozeman
City of bozeman
  • Bogert Park Neighborhood Association
  • Bozeman Creek Neighborhood Association
  • Bozeman Ponds Neighborhood Association
  • Cooper Park Neighborhood Association
  • Flanders Creek Neighborhood Association
  • Marwyn-Lindley Neighbors
  • Loyal Gardens Neighborhood Association
  • New Hyalite View Network
  • North East Neighborhood Association
  • South Central Association of Neighbors
  • South East Neighborhood Association
  • The Knolls Neighborhood Association
  • University Neighbors Association
  • Valley Unit Neighborhood Association


The application is really quite cool if you want to geek out on details like elevations, exact borders and locations of every single park. I happen to like that kind of stuff...but I'm kind of that dork.

Turns out that I don't live in an 'organized' neighborhood anymore but I do know there's a Nextdoor group for my area. (Have never actually spent time on the app but I know it's there. Perhaps I should check in and see what's going on around here.)

If your neighborhood doesn't already have some sort of way to connect, consider a neighborhood platform...especially if your turf is experiencing change, development or has a common benefit to all its residents. Popular platforms include: Nextdoor, Front Porch Forum, MyCoop, Olio, Neighborland, and Patch. They're all a little different and serve slightly different purposes.

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