How did tipping become so boring? I know that people depend on tips in the service industry and that should never stop but I think there should be a better experience with it. They serviced you, so why not give a little back. I propose this; "National Experiential Tipping Week" or NETW [net-wa]. Yesterday for example, I went to get my car washed at Scrubby's where they manually dry your car and I burned him a mix tape (CD)... Mix Tape just sounds cooler, doesn't it?  I put myself in his shoes and thought "man, that was really cool and the hour of joy this awesome mix tape will give me is priceless!"  You're probably thinking that I haven't been in the service industry and am judging me right now but Au Contraire my friend. I mopped up Burger King for a summer and slung pizza for years, so don't give me that "he doesn't know S#!T" attitude.  I plan on devoting my entire spring on developing NETW for the good of the community and humanity.