A Kalispell couple's band, William Ingrid recently made it big on MTV with Music Video. Follow the link to watch the video, filmed in Glacier National Park.

Andrea Lutz at KAJ TV in Kalispell has the scoop on the band's big break:

It was about a year ago, they finished shooting the music video for "Light My Flame", and what better place to film than their hometown and Glacier National Park

The song and video revolve around a love story, a real life love story, because just days before filming started on "Light My Flame", Kristen and Derek were married.

Since then, the song has made it to numerous television shows, plays on demand around the country and was recently ranked as #19 on MTV's top 100 list.

The couple is now working with new artists in the Portland area and they say we can expect new remixes to be coming out soon. Until then, they are pleased to showcase the beautiful song they created with a beautiful place, one they know if very special.