Seriously. You can't order your seeds right now due to overwhelming demand and COVID-19 protocols. Two of my favorites sites are currently not taking orders. At all.

Many of us like to browse the gardening catalogs this time of year when it's so dreary. Ordering seeds and dreaming of getting something started is actual therapy for some. (Myself included.)

However, at least two major seed providers are currently not taking anymore orders for the time being. According to the much loved, heirloom seed company Baker Creek:

Thank you for your patience!

We apologize, but due to the unprecedented volume of seed orders, our website will be closed beginning Friday, January 15 at 3 a.m. CST and reopening on Wednesday, January 20 at 10 p.m. CST, to give us time to catch up on orders, restock seed supplies and clean and sanitize our work spaces.

At present, our warehouses and shipping line are running 24 hours a day, with social distancing and other safety precautions in place to protect employees.

Our workforce, like many others, has been affected by COVID-19, and we highly value our workers’ health and wellness.

Thank you for your patience, and for sharing our belief that gardening makes us more human and more whole.
We will be live again soon , please check back!

So yes, they will apparently open back up for orders in a few days but because MORE THAN ONE seed company is encountering these issues...I find it concerning.

My other go-to site for seeds, especially when I only need small quantities is Those guys aren't even giving guidance as to when they might start taking orders again. This is the message on SeedsNow:

❗WE ARE CLOSED & UNABLE TO FILL NEW ORDERS. STAY SAFE ❗ Be the first to get notified as soon as we re-open!


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