My meeting was near Rouse and Main, so I parked my car in the public lot against Bozeman Creek. As I pulled up, a man walked down the embankment and crouched behind a creekside bush.

He had a backpack on, and I just thought he was checking out the snow-lined creek for a picture or fish as people often do. Including me.

But that's not what he was doing. Dude, I can see you.

My car was parked and I was gathering my purse and computer bag, glancing back at this man several times. Then he opened his backpack after he had comfortably crouched down below street level.

Living in Bozeman for as long as I have, my first thought was that he was going to light up a joint. In my book, that ain't the worst thing someone could do. But that's not what was happening.

It was a scene out of the television series "Intervention." Some sort of rubber tubing came out. A small bottle came out. A lighter came out. Then, the pause.....

Then I witnessed the man inject something into his left arm. What? In front of me? Don't you see me 20 feet away from you? Don't you care that I might report you? Or take a picture of you? This is my town. WTF are you doing?

I've never witnessed someone injecting drugs into their arm. A few of my good friends are raging diabetics who require insulin injections on a regular basis. I know what that looks like. This sure as hell wasn't insulin.

No, I didn't recognize him. No, I certainly didn't speak to him or confront him. And no, I didn't call the cops. For all I know, he was in a clear enough state of mind to remember my license plate number. Had the situation been different, I certainly would have reported what I saw.

For now, I share it with you here.

This is YOUR TOWN, BOZEMAN. This happened today. I saw it. Maybe you have seen something like this too. Hope not. My current anger about what I witnessed today has my mind confused about what we are becoming. Is this common? Is this a new trend? Had my license plate not been clearly visible to this man, my day would have been very different. The Bozeman Police Department was half a block away......

Dude, I wish you health and help. I hope we never meet like this again.

Bozeman Creek, in Bozeman, Montana
Bozeman Creek, in Bozeman, Montana


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